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The Reluctant President


  What if in the dark, small hours of a morning you discovered Secret Service agents at your front door telling you that you were now the President of the United States? That’s the way it happened to Porter Randall, a Texas Panhandle surgeon turned novelist who had been persuaded by friends to run for Congress for just a couple of terms. Could a non-politician without rampant ambition or a lust for power fulfill this office? What would happen to the country? Would he; could he make a real difference in the world as we know it? Porter becomes The Reluctant President and finds out. Amazon - Kobo - Nook - iBooks- Audible - Print

The Reluctant Incumbent


  This novel begins only moments after the ending of The Reluctant President. A widowed Texas surgeon, Porter Randall, serving his second term in Congress has become the President of the United States, reluctantly at the sudden death of his predecessor. Giving a speech in support of his first State of the Nation address, the new Chief Executive was shot in a Milwaukee airport hangar. Vice President, Sundee Ives, former governor of New Hampshire, becomes Acting President as the President lays in an unresponsive coma at Walter Reed Hospital. The nation is still in flux from the residual sandals of the previous administration and the scourge of Islamic terrorism continues to escalate. How will the reluctant President deal with being the Reluctant Incumbent? Amazon - Kobo - Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print

The Reluctant Candidate


    Porter Randall never wanted to be the President of the United States – the position was “thrust upon him.” The former Army then civilian surgeon turned medical thriller author, ran for Congress at the urging of friends and colleagues. Surprisingly he won and was in his second term when his whole world changed. At 3 AM he was awoken during a Christmas vacation and informed that according to the Act of Succession, he was immediately the President of the US. Now, after serving out the remainder of an elected Democratic President who died in office, he has been asked to run for the office as a Republican. Porter has made it clear from his first day in office this is not a position he desired, nor power or prestige he ever wanted. However, what will a truly honest man with a good heart and common sense do when offered this title? . Amazon - Kobo - Nook -iBooks - Audible - Print

Murder In Muleshoe


  Muleshoe, is a not-so-modern Texas Panhandle town of about 5,000 — on Saturday — during the county fair. But Jarvis Dickle’s been murdered there — three nails in the top of his head. Nobody liked Jarvis --- but then nobody even knew who he really was. His daughter, Lottie, a local disc jockey, is surprised it hadn’t happened before. Down at The Coffee Mug they’re takin’ bets on who did the town a favor. But ol’ time Sheriff Asa Hunt knows you need to nip this kind of thing in the butt before it can become like a fresh cow paddle on a hot day. Amazon - Kobo -Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print

Corpse In Canyon


   “Her feet may be in town, but her ass — and the rest of her is in the county,” said Canyon Police Chief Haskell Maddox. “Obviously she was shot in the city --- she just fell into the county,” responded Sheriff’s Patrol Deputy Savanna Breeze. “That means I’ve got -- at best -- assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder in the city. She didn’t die until she was in the county. So, this is in the county’s lap.” Nobody wanted to deal with the murder of Myrtle Dagmar Puckett. But when there’s a corpse in this small town in the Texas Panhandle town, it’s somebody’s case to solve. Sometimes murder is just a bitch. Amazon - Kobo - Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print

The Lovecraft Murders


   “A love for sex and poetry were the only things my daughter got out of college,” an elderly lady says. “Now, she runs an escort service. One of her girls was murdered last year. Did my daughter have anything to do with it?”  Scott Kaven, a former Houston homicide detective turned private eye, takes on the case involving a Green Bay, Wisconsin, escort service, and it’s striking owner. With the confidence and experience of a successful cop, a smart ass attitude and a sharp sense of humor of his own, Kaven gets things done. He gets past the logjam the law enforcement couldn’t surmount but he also finds himself on a hit list because of his involvement in the case. Full of action and mystery, this first of a new series is an exciting start for a set of engaging characters. Amazon - Kobo -Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print

Guns Along The Rio


    Texas never had a law against being stupid. Young Trace LaFon counted that a good thing or he’d never have lived long enough to become a Texas Ranger at 17 or partnered up with Xavier Falcon.      

     But the two become a part of history the very first time the Rangers were ever used as an arm of law enforcement in the Lone Star state.

     GUNS ALONG THE RIO is the first of this pair’s adventures as both they and the Rangers grow up on the Texas Frontier gaining experience and wisdom mixed with cowboy common sense and humor. As any cowpoke knows, good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Colorful and historical characters make up this tale base on “The Cortina War” along the Rio Grande in 1859.  Amazon -  Kobo  - Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print

West of the Frio


It’s a time of war – the Civil War.  Young Texas Rangers, Trace Lafon and partner Xavier Falcon, are fighting a different war along the frontier of West Texas.  The Apaches from Mexico raid up across the Rio Grande into Texas attacking homesteaders and settlers.  The savages steal, rape, and murder farmers, ranchers, merchants and their families.  All that stands between the onslaught of savage attacks and a peaceful life are the Rangers, renamed the Texas Mounted Rifles.  The two privates help hold the frontier line West Of The Frio river after Union troops pull out of Texas.  It’s a different kind of war against an enemy that knows no rules or limits. Amazon - Kobo - Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print

Hard Line Between the Rios


   Between the Rio Grande and the Nueces rivers murderers, rapist, horse thieves, and cattle rustlings dominate the land. Trace LaFon and Xavier Falcon, are called back into service with the Texas Ranger under Leander McNelly --- and they become a part of a new ranger force to save the Nueces Strip and laws of Texas. At this time in this place, needs hard men to a hard job --- draw a hard line for law and order.   Amazon -  Kobo - Nook - iBooks - Audible - Print 

The Mormon Marshal


  Joshua Guymon is a small town sheriff in the Star Valley of Wyoming Territory --- mostly Mormon range. These were the days when Mormons were outsiders in the American West. And trouble has a way of finding Joshua, from a crooked gambler to a highwayman, to an escaped prison killer. What starts out as a social visit to his prodigal younger brother and the new bride becomes a western adventure and a decision between his faith and being a U.S. Deputy Marshall. Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  - Audible - Print

The Gavel and the Gun


    The most lawless land in the American West was the 70,000 square miles of frontier Western Arkansas and the Indian Territory of the Five Civilized Tribes; what later would become Oklahoma. Rape, robbery, murder, horse theft, gun and whiskey running were the everyday crimes that often went unpunished. It took both the gavel and the gun --- and hangman’s knot to tame this land. The Territory was a magnet to outlaws and spoilers of every brand. Law, order, and justice didn’t come until almost ten years after the Civil War. Law and order finally came in the form of “the Hanging Judge,” Isaac Parker, a new U.S. Marshal, Mace Truax, and a Choctaw Indian Territorial Policeman named John Browneagle.  Amazon  -  Kobo - Nook - iBooks  - Audible - Print 

Through A Lens Darkly: Vietnam


  Filming a real war isn’t at all like making a Hollywood movie. The danger, the blood, the humor, friendships, the heroism, and the tragedies are very real. A newly minted 2nd Lt., a butter bar, relives his tour of duty in those turbulent days --- days some have never --- nor can ever --- move beyond. It’s also a tale of the absurdities and realities of what war was like from behind a camera. Through a Lens Darkly: Vietnam is a novel, but it’s also a real story about that war as seen through the eyes and camera lens of some of the men who filmed it. Amazon - Kobo - Nook -iBooks - Audible - Print


The Vampire Rose


  A vampire rises in modern day Houston. Detective Aylyne Bartok encounters a TV talk-show host, Gaylin Faulk, who seems to know more about the vampire case than she does. Faulk may be a suspect or a helper in the investigation.  As other young women in the city die, the attractive detective begins grasping at any form of help, even if it’s as strange and handsome as Gaylin Faulk.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook 

Blood Drive


  The death of his wife has left Olin Caylor a man who crawled into a bottle to survive. It’s his feisty 12-year-old daughter, Darcie, with all the faith in the world in her father, who wants to stop his slide into oblivion. She gets him to take on a missing person’s case without knowing it’s really a missing vampire case. Darcie’s obsession is books about vampires. But when she becomes the sacrificial virgin for Mayan vampires, everything changes. Vampires are known in every culture ever investigated. Today most people believe the Mayan’s are dead and gone, but their history, culture, and even daemons are still alive. The immortal killers still require the blood of virgins to perpetuate their existence and their rites are conducted in the ancient caves of Mexico. What Olin Caylor learns is intwined with the history and legends of vampires. This strange case is twisted and very unexpected. It’s part detective story and part vampire story.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook

Holiday for an Assassin


  Russell Craven isn’t the professional photographer specializing in creating the covers for science fiction novels he seems. He’s a former Soviet agent in the Federal Witness Protection Program. His former KGV mentor, Grigori Dorsky died a few years ago. Then one day Russell hears a TV interview about past life regression with a researching college professor. As a part of the program, the professor tells about a six-year-old child who not only speaks Russian under hypnosis, but she also claims to be a person, now dead, named Grigori Dorsky. Craven realizes that the U.S. intelligence agency he “works for” is behind the kidnapping of the child and the murder of her mother. He locates the child’s aunt, Erin Hutton, a young woman still recovering from death of her sister and the abduction of her niece. Craven convinces Erin that it might just be possible to find and recover the child. Together they go and discover a paranormal link to it all.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks

Texas Rattlesnake Murders


  Young and attractive TV reporter Kodi Burch has visions of three rattlesnake murders. Her insights at first surprise the Texas Rangers who are assigned to the case but become invaluable as other such murders occur.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook
Ranger Keith Catlin and his partner Tomas Botello reluctantly seek the help of a carnival snake handler, Guich Rohn, as they try to piece together the facts of the seemingly unrelated killings.
When Kodi Burch and her crew seem to be a step ahead of authorities, Keith gets Kodi to join them, too.
Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook 

Pancho's Pilot


  Just before World War I, a young American airman who gets air sick if he gets more than four feet off the ground, mistakenly lands his bi-plane on the wrong side of the Texas-Mexican border. While he thinks he’s at least safely back on the ground, it turns out he’s actually captured by a second rate Mexican bandit who wants to be as famous as Pancho Villa. This is the bandit leader’s  big break because he suddenly has what Villa does not, an air force.   Also kidnapped by the bandits is an oversexed south Texas rancher’s daughter who has the hots for the young pilot.   The American Army decides that instead of being kidnapped, the pilot has actually defected to the enemy. Thus the young man is pursued by the U.S. Army, held by Mexican bandits, under seize by the rancher’s daughter, and being  hunted by an angry, shotgun toting father.   Finally, in desperation, the pilot must save himself, the rancher’s daughter, and the only doctor in one hundred miles by doing the one thing he hates the most – fly.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook 

The Virgin Casanova


  Is it possible that a modern day male college library major, whom most coeds treat as if he has leprosy, has the gift that all the great ladies men of history have had? That’s Rudy Kosti’s question. His Uncle Don (Juan) Kosti say it’s true. And Uncle Don is in the hospital recovering from exhaustion from satisfying all the women in his life.  But there’s more to this “gift” than meets the eye. For the first time in his rejected life, Rudy is in love. The problem is that Angeline, the focus of his ardor, is engaged and, like most girls, has absolutely no interest in Rudy. Cousin Melvin seems to be the lady killer in the family. He goes through condoms by the suitcase. and girl friends by the dozen.  Rudy isn’t sure he wants this “gift” even if it’s real. And, the more he hears about this endowment, the less he likes it. It isn’t simple sex appeal but a very specialized power that only draws certain women and if used correctly can change lives for the better. Yet, like most gifts, there is a price to this one. When Rudy learns the price, he knows that if he has this gift it could cost him the one love of his life.   Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook 

Fatty and Hearst


  Based on real events, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was an even a bigger silent movie star than Charlie Chaplin. In fact, Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” was costumed partially with a pair of Fatty’s trousers. In 1921 at the height of his popularity, Fatty is entangled in the scandalous death of a Hollywood starlet at a San Francisco hotel during a Labor Day Party. The famous silent comic is accused of raping the young woman with a Coke bottle which lead to her to bleeding to death. Overweight newspaper magnet William Randolph Hearst tries and convicts Fatty Arbuckle in Hearst’s coast to coast tabloid newspapers while living a life of luxury and excess with his demunitive screen star mistress, Marian Davies. Three different trials are required before the murder charges are settled.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook 

Hell In Paracise


  Based on real events, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was an even a bigger silent movie star than Charlie Chaplin. In fact, Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” was costumed partially with a pair of Fatty’s trousers. In 1921 at the height of his popularity, Fatty is entangled in the scandalous death of a Hollywood starlet at a San Francisco hotel during a Labor Day Party. The famous silent comic is accused of raping the young woman with a Coke bottle which lead to her to bleeding to death. Overweight newspaper magnet William Randolph Hearst tries and convicts Fatty Arbuckle in Hearst’s coast to coast tabloid newspapers while living a life of luxury and excess with his demunitive screen star mistress, Marian Davies. Three different trials are required before the murder charges are settled.  Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook  



  Based on real events, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was an even a bigger silent movie star than Charlie Chaplin. In fact, Chaplin’s “Little Tramp” was costumed partially with a pair of Fatty’s trousers. In 1921 at the height of his popularity, Fatty is entangled in the scandalous death of a Hollywood starlet at a San Francisco hotel during a Labor Day Party. The famous silent comic is accused of raping the young woman with a Coke bottle which lead to her to bleeding to death. Overweight newspaper magnet William Randolph Hearst tries and convicts Fatty Arbuckle in Hearst’s coast to coast tabloid newspapers while living a life of luxury and excess with his demunitive screen star mistress, Marian Davies. Three different trials are required before the murder charges are settled.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook 

Mom & Apple Pye


  This adult sex comedy is set in a Texas cat house in Galveston with a host of whacky characters, sexy young women and romance in the midst of the oldest profession of all. Farin owns the bordello where Mom, his adopted mother, is madam to all the girls, including Apple Pye, Mom’s and Farin’s number one girl, enjoy their work, and makes a great living. It gives a new meaning to the phrase, “Find what you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”   Apple is in love with Farin but his ex-high school sweetheart, Kari, who is now married to one of Houston’s richest developers and the cat house’s biggest customers, comes back into his life and everything is turned 69 over 69.   The cat house has a bomb threat and a police raid all of which, it turns out, were triggered by Farin’s ex-girl friend’s husband. This is when Mom and Farin hatch a scheme to get even and possibly get Farin and his ex back together.   Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook  

Incident At Lajatis


  Gunfighter Clay Maxwell wants nothing more than to be left alone to live his life in Del Rio, Texas. He is tired of doing other men’s dirty work and killing every young gun slinger looking to make a name for himself. Nothing, Maxwell claims, can get him to go back to doing what he does best.   But when Lord Wilford Bristol’s prize stallion, Trafalgar, the result of careful crossbreeding between the best of Europe’s thoroughbreds and the mustangs of the American West, is stolen by Mexican Comancheros, the English transplant is able to convince Maxwell to do what he says no amount of money can ever pay him to do. Maxwell gets a group of hardened professionals together to cross the Rio Grande and storm the bandit’s stronghold and try to recover the precious horse.   There’s fellow gunfighter Jess Howard who made a promise to kill Maxwell if they ever met again; train robber and gambler Logan Smith; ex-convict and horse thief Tuck Howard whom Maxwell help put in prison, and a young Mexican . Armando Sequra, who is very good with a knife. These men, along with Lord Bristol’s foreman, Tom Kelso, a former Texas Ranger, are the only men who agree to go into hell to get back the animal. Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook    

The Rape of Sarah Quinn


  Following the Civil War, a former CSA officer brings his new bride to Texas where they plan to build a farm and a family. While he is away buying seed, his young wife is viciously raped by a rogue Texas Ranger. When the husband returns he must join forces with a hostile squaw man/rancher to track and catch this lawman of evil.  But the leader of an outlaw gang on the run from the ranger, compounds the chase by stealing the horses from the farmer and the rancher.  Additionally the Texas Ranger Captain they finally locate isn’t much help. In fact the officer telegrams his rogue companion that the husband and rancher are on his trail. When the culprit is eventually located in a whorehouse in the Texas Gulf Coast, even Mother Nature seems to conspire to keep justice from being done.  Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook  

The 7th Luger


  In the last desperate days of World War II, Adolph Hitler personally presented seven commemorative golden Luger pistols to those he felt most represented the ideals of the Third Reich. The possession of just four of weapons was the key to the hoard of Nazi gold, stolen, confiscated, and looted during the war.   By the 1960’s a total of six of the pistols have been found but no one controls more than three. Griff, an American Peace Corps worker in Brazil, stumbles across the missing seventh Luger. Neo-Nazis, the combined Allied intelligence services and world class criminals trail are soon after Griff and, Alena, a beautiful Brazilian graduate student, from South America to modern day Germany in search of prize.   Amazon  - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

Horse Theif Hollow


  Divorced rancher Truitt Higdon brings his bratty daughter Bess, thirteen, with him from Texas to pick up a a few very special horses he has purchased from a widow in the Altain Mountains of Russia.  Kolka, a thirteen-year-old boy loves these unique breed of small orange coated horses with black spots, especially Pegeshka, an Altain mare. Kolka rides these animals and plays in the dark, mysterious forests with a host of gnomes, elves, dwarfs and brownies. The most mischevious of them all are Xyek a wood sprite and both Viktor and Bladski, who are brownies.    Kolka’s dead father raised and cared for these horse but it was his mother Anastasia who sold some of them to keep the family alive. Bess tricks her father into picking Pegeshka, Kolka’s favorite, as one of the horses loaded and shipped to Texas. Once That’s when Xyek ,Viktor, and Bladski realize they must get these horses back because they belong to King Grigorii, the king of the fairies. Using their magic powers they hide in Kolka’s bag and go with the boy and his mother when they go to get Pegeshka back from a ranch known as Horse Thief Hollow.   Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

Gideon, The Horse That Saved Texas


  Author Jeff Carroll first published this story in his collection of Texas history called Legendary Texas. This screenplay brings the tale to life. A horse with the peculiar fear of running water, is given to 13-year-old boy in 1836 by a Mexican rancher fleeing the Mexican army. The boy’s mother owns a small hotel in Fort Bend, Texas. The horse was taken by Mexican soldiers on their way North to the fight known as The Alamo. Even though the boy and his mother go to Santa Anna’s camp to recover the horse, the general tell his soldiers to hide the horse. In the final battle of the war, San Jacinto is where Texas wins it freedom with the help of the stolen horse.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

6 & 10


  In graduate school, young Mara Foley learns about the ethics and the theory of modern electronic journalism. However a summer internship with a South Texas TV station opens her eyes to the real world of in-house drama and competitiveness among those who ply the trade as their profession. Teamed with a photo journalist with little formal higher education who has little respect for the book smart young reporter, Mara is given a chance to try her hand at actual on-camera reporting. It turns out to be a great deal more involved than she ever suspected.

As the friction between Mara and her “photog” grows, the news director tells her to listen to this young man. She learns he is a lot smarter about the day to day skills it takes to make it in professional journalism than she first thought.

When the pair are the only team available to cover a story about a body found by police, they cover the story and are drawn into the mystery and the unexpected twists real news can make. When they end up solving the case it is not only a surprise to them but to the rest of the station. The question becomes, how will this inexperienced young woman handle what is likely to become a story the main stream media picks up?  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

The Prometheus Peril


  A prerecorded message on a computer memory chip arrives at the office of Houston Mayor Amon Burlingame. It’s just the beginning of what turns out to be a nuclear terrorist threat. The mayor must deal with the infighting between the local, police, sheriff’s office and the F.B.I. all while trying to figure out what is best for his city.   The University of Houston sends over the first available physics professor, Dr. Sydney Dvorak,  an attractive young woman who has a predisposed dislike for men of power and influence, like the mayor. Reluctantly she becomes Mayor Burlingame’s advisor and together they follow the clues and instructions from “Prometheus” as the law enforcement agencies do their thing.   They go so far as to talk to recently captured and jail Irish Republican Army terrorist to understand how such people’s minds work and what their goals truly are. In the end the evidence is too obvious to ignore; the threat is real.   Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

Between Love and Murder


  A happily divorced young couple, Dalt and Ceiana Glass, are not more than a week into their new lives when Ceiana becomes the chief suspect in the bizarre murder at the couple’s South Padre Island condo building. Ceiana, who owns a high end lingerie boutique, begs with Dalt to look into the matter and prove her innocence.   Dalt is a bestselling novelist who writes over-the-top comic private detective named Richard Dick (Dick Dick). Two of his titles are Nobody Knows Dick and One Clever Dick. He’s beyond surprised when Ceiana thinks he is smart enough to solve a real crime and so the takes it on.   Dalt’s best friend, both not just in college, but now, is a smartass local newspaper reporter named Guy. Of course, Ceiana can’t stand Guy, but it takes Dalt, Guy, and Ceiana to put all the pieces of this complicated puzzle together.   Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

Angel's Revenge


  How can you ever get even with an old boy friend who dumped you the night before you took the exam for medical school and that caused you to completely flunk the test? Angel Diaz, now a radio disc jockey on Texas’s South Padre Island, has a plan. It’s is a good plan until Angel’s guardian angle, Noel, suddenly appears out of thin air and tells her he’s there to “help” her. The thing is, he’s a real guardian angel but his idea of “helping” is not what Angle had in mind. She is part of a recovery group of other young women all of whom are still suffering from being dumped by other boyfriends. Angel figures that together they can lure her ex into falling in love with a member of the group he doesn’t know. Then together they will all prank this guy and dump him for all the men who have done them wrong.  When Noel learns the plan, he has a duty – to Angel – but also the others in the group, the guy, and even the group’s leader, Dr. Vickie. But Noel has no power to alter events or to change anyone, not even Angel. So, how can Angel get her revenge and Noel still do his job?  Amazon  - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

Death Scene


  When a playwright is murdered in a university theatre, the students decide to pull an all-nighter to ready the new play in spite of a ghost that supposedly haunts the theatre. This “slasher movie” story chronicles the bizarre killings of several students as they work on the production. From the faculty advisor/director to the audio and lighting techs on the show, all are attacked by a killer who can only be seen a moment before the victims are killed.  Amazon  - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

The Evil Eye


  In the Hispanic/Latino culture, a folk healer is called a “curandero.”   Noe’s grandfather, Santiago, was a wise and powerful healer who, in the  end, could not cure or save his own daughter, Noe’s mother.  As child  Noe made the decision he would become a “real doctor” even though his  grandfather kept telling his grandson he inherited “el don,” the gift of  healing.
Years later in medical school, Noe is unaware that both  he and his grandfather have been hunted by a coven of Mexican witches  because of who Noe is and what he can produce.  Noe’s weakened and aged  grandfather is slowly dying in a nursing home as the world around him  begins to change and Noe’s girlfriend is kidnapped.

Does Noe  really has special powers and if he does can he control and use them as  the witches close in?  A story of the supernatural but also of faith,  The Evil Eye is a modern tale of mysterious threats and powerful belief.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

Love, Lust and Life


  This all happens while Garrett is helping teach an undergrad course called “Communication Between The Sexes” for an often absent professor. His own bride, Hope, can’t understand how Garrett knew about the dead husband’s cheating ways but never said anything about it. The students have all kinds of questions about how men and women communicate and Garrett is trying to understand it himself as he substitutes for the professor who is having a crisis in his own marriage at the moment.  Amazon  - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

Seven Reasons Why


  Bryce, a graduate student doing historical research, is enlisted by a Korean War Medal of Honor winner to find out the truth about the death of his beloved granddaughter. No one in the family will tell him how the high school cheerleader died --- her body was discovered in a field behind her parent’s home. The police and the media have dropped the case and the old man cannot get the truth.   The old man asks another granddaughter, Celeste, who seems lost and without direction, to help Bryce. They both agree because Celeste’s grandfather is such a kindly man, but Bryce and Celeste are anything but a compatible investigative team --- at least at first. Celeste loves her grandfather but knows she has never been his favorites even though she’s now living in his house. What they discover along the way is a shocking secret and the end up finding love in each others arms.  Amazon  - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

Afternoon Delight


  Robyn has come to a decision and goes to the office of her Hollywood screenwriter husband, Thane, to tell him. She discovers him in the arms of another woman. But this doesn’t end like you might think. Robyn apologizes because she and Thane have an open marriage and she’s not supposed to “surprise” him and he’s supposed to be discrete in his affairs. They have everything a loving couple should have but Robyn and Thane do not have sex because it’s just too painful for Robyn.   When Thane gets his big break to become not just a writer but a producer as well, he leaves for several weeks of location shooting on a new film. While he’s gone Robyn does what she never told her husband she had decided, namely to have vaginal surgery so she and Thane can have sex like a normal couple.   On location Thane becomes the sexual target of his attractive production assistant while Robyn is off supposedly at a “fat farm” with her old sorority sister and is unreachable. In fact Robyn undergoes the surgery. But how can she ever know if it’s successful without a complete and total road test of her new equipment? The answer is Afternoon Delight.  Amazon  - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  


The Last Virgin from Las Vegas


  Slamming doors, near misses and comic mayhem are just the beginning of a honeymoon mix up between the beautiful star of the number one rated TV sitcom, “The Last Virgin From Las Vegas,” her handsome, skirt chasing co-star, and the brides ex-jock bridegroom.   To celebrate the taping of the 200th episode of the TV series, the male lead gave all the women in the cast and crew a garter with a cameo of his face on it. The one he gave to his co-star had an additional very impressive jewel on it. While the bride was packing for her honeymoon she discovered the gift and sent an angry e-mail to her co-star demanding that he take it back before her jealous linebacker found it and took it the wrong way.   Thinking she meant right now, the male co-star shows up at the bride’s honeymoon cabin, an old bootleggers hideout of the jock’s great grandfather which has been turned into a family retreat over the years. Meanwhile, the male co-star’s ditzy wife found out about the garter and decided her husband was having an affair with the bride. She plans her revenge by coming to the honeymoon cabin to be caught having sex with her not-so-willing lawyer.   A long suffering butler, the bride’s sarcastic assistant as well as a mix of other delightful characters all become a part of this visual and joke filled two act play that leaps off the page. Based on a 1920’s Broadway hit by the Neil Simon of his age, Avery Hopwood, this comedy is modernization of the fast paced, fun and games of this farce that’s like “NOISES OFF.”   Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

Seven Keys


  Bestselling novelist William Hollowell McGee makes a $50,000.00 bet that he can write a novel in one night. His best friend supplies the place, a summer mountain resort closed for the winter, and supplies him with the only key. However as the tries to work, he is visited through the night by a variety of including an attractive TV reporter, and criminals who are trying to make a secret payoff to the local mayor for cable and internet rights.   William Hollowell McGee writes bestselling, quirky fiction with lots of twists and turns. He’s just bragged that he can write one of his novels in a single night, given an interesting, quiet place to work. His friend calls McGee’s bluff and says he’ll provide the “interesting and quite” place to work, a summer fishing and hiking resort which is now closed for the winter. Additionally he promised McGee the only key to the place where he can lock himself in and produce his next novel and win $50,000.00 if he can, in fact, pull it off within 24 hours. McGee agrees and the bet is on.   At The Baldpate Inn on the top of a now snow covered mountain in the middle of a blizzard, the caretaker and his wife make up a room for McGee and light the fire in the inn’s main room. After McGee used the land line to call his friend back in New York City to confirm he is in the inn, and in possession of the only key, the caretaker and his wife leave and McGee starts to work.  Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

The Unwed Widow


  I'm a writer of novels, short stories, screenplay and stage plays.  I create novels that are mysteries, westerns, political fiction, and even my story of being a combat photographer in Vietnam.

Antigone In Texas


  The family of Longoria is cursed because of the father’s unknowing incest with his mother. For the sake of peace the father divides his kingdom in two giving each brother half – one is given Mexico and the other Texas. Two remaining sisters from the incestuous marriage, Antigone and Ismene go to Texas with their brother Pasqual.   The brother who rules Mexico, General Erasmo, makes war on Texas whose citizens want only freedom and peace. He also makes war on his own sisters and brother, Pasqual, now a colonel in General Creon’s Texas army. In the final battle at the Rio Grande, the brothers meet and kill each other but Texas wins both the battle and the war.   Following the bitter fighting, General Creon declares martial law and decrees that only those who fought for Texas are to be buried with all honors. Any who fought for Mexico are to be left on the battlefield to rot and be eaten by the buzzards and coyotes.    Now that both brothers are dead, Antigone feels duty bound to give her beaten and dishonored brother, Erasmo, the proper funeral rights because she once loved him and he is still her brother. Sister Ismene refuses to help and so Antigone alone does what she feels is right. But Antigone is captured performing the burial rights and faces death for her actions.  Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  



  Cyrano de Bergerac, a proud but poor member of the respected and elite Gascon Guard, is a gifted poet as well as a feared swordsman. The love of his life is a distant cousin, the beautiful Roxane. But Roxane is in love with a handsome new cadet in the Guard, Christian. Christian also loves Roxane but gallant as he is, he is a dullard and a dolt when it comes to the one thing Roxane values, a man who can speak and write the words of love.   Roxane asks Cyrano to protect Christian as he joins the Gascon Guard and haunted by the large and ugly nose, Cyrano knows he can never win Roxane himself and thus he vows to protect the one person she loves. In a famous balcony scene, Cyrano whispers the words to Christian who calls them up to an enraptured Roxane. When Christian climbs up to claim a kiss, Cyrano knows the kiss is really his but he can do nothing about it.   At the famous siege of Arras in 1640 against the Spanish, Christian proves his valor even to Cyrano who sometimes twice a day braves the Spanish lines to post love letters supposedly from Christian’s hand to Roxane back in Paris.   This is one of the most celebrated love stories of all times and a classic of the stage around the world. Written in poetry by Edmond Rostand, it is a story of wonderful scenes and fascinating characters. But many have not read it and will not because it is poetry. What Jack R. Stanley has done is to tell Rostand’s story in prose so other who might not otherwise attempt it, could enjoy this masterpiece of theatrical story telling.   Amazon - Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBook

Short Stories

Klondike Justice


  Did gambler “Fair Deal” Doak Logan empty “Quicksilver” Riggs DeGraf’s brain pan with a .44 shot to the head along the frozen Yukon River? A miner’s court is convened in the Golden Mecca saloon on the Alaskan/Canadian frontier during the Klondike gold rush of the early 1900’s to decide the issue. The local barber, “Longstory” Ed Fields is appointed attorney for the defendant whose only alibi is that he was in bed with “The Beauty”, the highest priced whore in town, during the time of the murder.  In the frozen gold fields, civilization, at least what there was of it, was way beyond law and order. ‘Question was, was it beyond justice?  Characters both colorful and bazaar make up the “baker’s dozen sober men” of the jury, plus the judge, “The Lucky Cajun” Gustave Thibodeaux, persecutor “Stagestruck” Jim Nell and the witnesses of this life and death kangaroo court.  Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

Dangerous Camp at Kenai


  The last days of the Old West were about done “down below.” The states and territories were starting to see electric lights and automobiles. But up in Alaska, “the Great Alone,” there was gold and very little law and order. Up there men either walked or rode horses and most of them carried a pistol or two, and a Winchester on their saddles.   Just like in his days in the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana, Lodlow pitched camp for the night and cooked his supper. He was in the woods south of Cooper Landing and not looking for trouble, but a man on his own in such lawless country had best stay on his guard.   “Hello the camp!” came the call about a half hour after dark.   “State your business,” Bitterroot called back chambering a .30-30 round in his ’94 Winchester and leveling it in the general direction of the voice.    What followed is a tale others would tell for years to come.  Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks  

The Winds of Skagway


   “Soapy” Smith ran all the crimes in the gold rush town. That was until he was killed on the town’s dock by Frank Reid. But is Frank Reid the Alaskan hero he’s remembered as? A gold field reporter trapped in a boarding house during a raging winter storm reexamines the facts of the the killing with a man who was there and a beautiful woman, the Alaskan Nightengale. When the savage North wind gusts and shrieks up to seventy miles per hour from weeks to months, no one can move out doors. It’s a time for stories and retelling of Skagway’s hero and it’s criminal mastermind.   Amazon -  Audible - Kobo - Nook - iBooks 

Who In The Sam Hill is Jack R. Stanley?

My Background


  Jack R. Stanley is an award winning novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. As an officer and combat photographer in Vietnam he earned the Bronze Star. Yet he says, “When you’re in a firefight and everybody else on both side have guns while you have a camera --- you get to change your pants a lot.” After his military service he received both his M.A. and his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in Radio-TV-Film. His doctoral dissertation was on the long running TV series GUNSMOKE. Stanley also received two of Michigan¹s most prestigious creative writing awards, The Hopwood Award, one for a one-act play and the second for a novel. Still married to his gifted high school sweetheart, Stanley’s first academic position was TV Area Head at The University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Radio-TV-Film. He later moved to deep-south Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley for a challenging position with The University of Texas-Pan American. Here he taught Theatre-TV-Film for 30 years in the Department of Communication serving as Department Chair at U.T.P.A. for 11 years. He did take one year out to work for The University of Alaska Anchorage as a visiting professor. Back in Texas, Stanley directed for stage at The University Theatre, produced and directed fifteen student staffed, cast, and crewed feature films, writing most of the original screenplays. Just a few of his credits are available on IMDB.com. He now lives in the Texas Panhandle where he writes his fiction and runs his blog, www.TheFictionWritersNotebook.com.   

My Writing Roots


  I started writing as an undergrad school at Texas Christian University where I was a Radio/TV/Film class. I had to pick on semester between a course in advertising and script writing. My question was, "...which of these to do I dislike the least?" Turned out it was the writing course. When I aced the first scrip and every other assignment I thought, "Maybe this is something I can do."  

 Over the years I've written over 30 screenplay, 5 plays, and have only in the past few years discovered my love of novel writing.  

 I write using Scrivner, MS Word, and Vellum --- sometimes both on the same project. I write on a Mac desktop running Paralles so I can operate Windows in a virtual machine. I'm a PC guy who has worked in Mac for video/film editing and now use both.  

My Writing Process


  My style is pretty much the way I speak --- if you can imagine it with a Texas accent. I like dialogue --- the way characters interact with each other through conflict. I think the way people talks tells you more about them than the way they look.

 Humor is always a part of everything I write --- because it's part of the way I look at the world.  

  What I write are mysteries, political fiction, westerns and science fiction.